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Medical Tracker During trial period, the App Store #1 Free iPad medical application.

An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad medical application

An App Store "What's Hot" iPad medical application

Recieved "Truly Cool" rating from Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps

This new app can assist you with tracking your medical bills.

Keep track of which have been submitted, which have been reimbursed, store images of bills, email images of bills or claims, generate reports, and also email a csv file to your home computer of all your entries and reports for record keeping and/or printing.

Get an annual summary comparing costs and reimbursements which can assist you in choosing the most optimal insurance coverage for your family.

Medical Tracker
iPad only

Available in iTunes App Store

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Friends Friends Seminary Directory

About Friends Seminary, annual calendar, contact information, school and student directories, and other information about the school.

Access for downloading directory provided by Friends Seminary.

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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ImageDoodle An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad and iPhone entertainment application

Take a picture, doodle a message on it, send it to Facebook or Twitter, save it or email it to a friend!

Great for adding personal notes to vacation photos.

Easy to use interface to focus on simplicity and speed.
Shoot, draw, send. Easy to use, yet practical for fun and business.
All options right there on the screen.
Can't remember a person's name? Take their picture, write the name on it, save it in your photo library.

Use the camera or photo library for your pictures. Works with the iPad 2 camera.

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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PictureChase Built for a customer who focuses on educational and entertainment apps.

An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad and iPhone education application

Toddlers, Kids and Adults will love Picture Chase!

Keep your child entertained! Your local picture albums and music are merged to create a fun and interactive playground where kids can chase butterflies, balls, heart and other avatars bounce around beautiful and fanciful backgrounds.

When caught, these avatars transform into the family, friends and other pictures that you’ve in your local albums.

You can create playlists of the albums and even set them to music!

It is sure to keep your child (and yourself) entertained! They won’t even recognize that they may be developing fine motor skills and re-living rich experiences!

Lots of different scenes to keep you and your child amused!

Controls are similar to those of the iPod. Enjoy.

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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ViceCalculator An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad and iPhone financial application

An App Store "What's Hot" iPad financial application

An Appolicious "Fresh iPhone Apps of the Week" for January 7, 2011

Calculate the cost of your Vices!

Coffee: $1.50 / day. Magazine: $4.50 / week. What do these goodies cost you per hour or over a lifetime? The Vice Calculator gives you the bottom line. Your friends will be floored over the dollar damage of their penchant for percolation.

Choose your Vice, enter the cost, and choose the frequency. The details are displayed for each time increment: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime. Create a report. Save and email the information.

Give up a day of a vice every week and stash those savings. See how much you will save in a year to get yourself a big treat!

Scroll app for list of Vices. They include:
Cigarettes, Coffee, Wine, Magazines, Lottery, Texting, Pay TV, Shopping, Take-out, Beauty and Other.

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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Car Calc Pro An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad and iPhone Financial Application

An App Store "What's Hot" iPad and IPhone Financial Application

Received a 5 star "Outstanding" review from the Mac Observer

A "Summer's Top Ten iPod Touch Application" by Appolicious

In iSmashPhone's "10 Apps That Will Help You Buy and Sell Cars With Your Smartphone", and the only calculator included

Car Loan and Lease Payment Calculator.

Calculate monthly payments for your car loan.
Enter a loan amount, rate and number of months.
Calculate the total cost of buying a car, including purchase price, trade in, down payment, any outstanding loan and other fees, and sales tax.
Discover total cost of owning the car, by including insurance, maintenance and fuel costs.
Lease calculators, including comparing buying vs. leaseing, Lease Payment calculator, and Lease Rate calculator, to see what interest rate the dealer is charging you.
A Glossary of common loan and lease terms.

Email any and all results.

Create a summary report of purchasing and operating the car.

Car Calc Pro
iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

Home Finance MD web site

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Mortgage Calc Pro An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad Financial Application

An App Store "What's Hot" iPad Financial Application

Achieved App Store Top 10 Paid iPad Financial Application

Mortgage 101.

Quick answers and in-depth knowledge.

An easy-to-use application that teaches everything about mortgages that the bank advertisements don't explain.

Mortgage Calc Pro includes many features not available on any other iPhone mortgage calculator.
This includes:
- Fixed rate, ARM and ARM 'Interest Only' mortgages;
- Points vs. interest rate comparison, to calculate how long it takes for paying additional points to be worthwhile;
- Refinance calculator, to determine the payback period for refinancing;
- Monthly tax savings;
- Real estate taxes, insurance and common charges;
- Fixed and variable closing costs, including tax ramifications;
- Buy vs. rent comparisons;
- Expected ARM interest rates and worst case possibilities;
- Conforming loan limit by ZIP code, which shows the maximum loan size which qualifies for the lower rates of government sponsored loans;
- An extensive glossary accessible by tapping on any phrase.

Great for beginners and advanced users.

Mortgage Calc Pro
iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

Home Finance MD web site

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GSuite An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad Productivity Application

View your Google Calendar, Contacts, Photos, Docs and Blogs on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

Works with gmail accounts and Google Apps accounts.

An easy to use interface.
Calendar in monthly, weekly, daily or agenda format. Touch event for more information.
Add and delete calendar events.
Choose a contact, view information, email directly and, on the iPhone, call directly from the contact page.
View multiple photo albums, and/or each picture in the album.
Email photos, calendar info, contact info, document and blogs.
Save multiple google logins for easy switching.

All google items integrated, so no need to quit one source to go to another.

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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Stir Recipe Keeper and Community

Enter your recipes into Stir, and access them by category.
If you like, you can make them available for your friends to download and use.
Ask questions and post comments as well!

Includes the following:
- Choose ingredients from a list, or enter them.
- Enter instructions.
- Assign categories.
- Add notes about the recipe and techniques.
- Load pictures of your dishes.
- Save your recipe in the Stir cookbook. Your friends will share your favorite recipes! Also, gain a following for your recipes!

You can also:
- View and download recipes from the Stir cookbook.
- Search by Cook, or by Category.
- Email the recipe.
- Create a shopping list for the recipe. View it on the iPad, or email it.
- Follow the cook of the recipe. Get notified whenever the cook adds or updates a recipe. (in pending release)
- Rate the recipe. (in pending release)
- Add comments or questions through the recipe forum. (in pending release)


Available in iTunes App Store

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Phrase Board An App Store "New and Noteworthy" iPad Medical Application

Achieved App Store Top 5 Free iPad Medical Application

Phrase Board allows people to communicate when they are unable to speak.

Designed by a Registered Nurse experienced with clients who were unable to speak or for whom speaking was too taxing.

- Large “Yes” and “No” buttons allow for simple usage.
- Scrollable lists of having/feeling statements and want statements provide quick and easy communication.
- Custom messages input and saved by the user.
- Message bar reiterates statements chosen.

Pain page facilitates quick and easy expression of pain.
- Slider displays one to ten pain scale.
- Type
- Location
- Frequency / Duration
- Body illustration provides clarity.

The drawing board allows one to draw a simple picture for further expressions.
You can email the picture as well if you like.

Create your own personalized messages for use on rolling bar to store frequently used phrases.

Phrase Board
iPad only

Available in iTunes App Store

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Math Room An App Store "New and Noteworthy" Education Application

An App Store "What's Hot" Education Application

Help your kids learn their basic math skills through simple, fill-in-the-blank math times and addition tables.

Choose the cell, enter the answer.

Check your answers and track your results.

1 - 5 Addition Table
1 - 10 Addition table
1 - 20 Addition table
10 - 20 Addition table
1 - 10 Subtraction Table
1 - 20 Subtraction Table
5 Times Table
5 Times Table
10 Times Table
15 Times Table
20 Times Table

Math Room
iPad only

Available in iTunes App Store

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AppWorkshop A "New and Noteworthy" iPad and iPhone Reference Application

Learn to build your own iPhone / iPad applications. A step-by-step guide to developing applications.

Learn the fundamentals of iPhone programming, building screens, writing objective c code and building a sample application.

Includes step-by-step guides and objective c code.

You can email the guide to your development machines for easier use.

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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Math Play An App Store "New and Noteworthy" Education Application

An App Store "Top Ten" Education Free Application

Math flash cards for practice or to play as a game.

Addition up to 20 + 20.
Subtraction up to 20 - 19.
Multiplication up to 12 times tables.
Division up to 100 / 10.

For 1 to 4 players.

Can choose any or all categories.

Keep track of top scores.

Play a set number or rounds, or until all questions are complete.

Can choose to redo incorrect answers.

Set the timer for any time up to 120 seconds per question.

Car Play
iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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Geo Play Fun geography review and quiz.

States, Countries, International Capitals, Continents, Potpourri. Pick and choose the categories, answer time, questions per game.

Play as multiple choice game, or just review facts with flash cards.

1 - 4 players. Play in a group, or just test your own knowledge.

Over 80 questions included, plus can upgrade to the pro version with over 400 questions.

Keeps track of your high scores.

A glossary is included for quick reference.

Car Play
iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

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Tyrannosaurus Text Say it big when you can't say it loud.

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to show your message when you can't say it.

Whether ordering drinks in a bar, bidding in an auction, professing your feelings, or for many other uses, this is the application for getting your message across.

Just touch the screen, type your message, and show it to your audience.

Tyrannosaurus Text
iPhone Only

Available in iTunes App Store

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TallyPro Tally while out and about.

Keep track of your own restaurant ratings, to review later or email to friends.

Rate your wine.
Take orders at a picnic.
Play boardroom bingo, keeping track of the use of buzzwords.
Track your children's pitch count when playing the big game.
Ask your kids to count the animals they see during the family drive.
Count the states you see listed on license plates. Or, the provinces.

Entertain your family.

Email results to home, friends, or the cook.

Much more advanced than our original Tally Pro.

All lists can be updated, plus add your own!

Tally Pro
iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

Help Guide

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Tapeze Tapeze allows you to access your Google Data on the iPhone / iPad.
Tapeze also allows your organizaiton to have an iPhone presence.

Tapeze displays your calendar, photos, messages and documents in 2 ways:
- Access your private Google data
- Create a public Tapeze site

Tapeze links your business to friends, customers, businesses & community in 3 easy steps:

1) Create a GoogleTM account.

2) Register at It’s free!

3) Upload info you want to share to you Google account.
- Store hours, daily specials, team calendar, wine tastings, photos, etc.

Tapeze shares your calendar, photos, documents and blogs through the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Home Page- provide contact info plus a bulletin board of upcoming events.
Calendar- keep your community up to date by sharing special events & offerings.
Photos- share images of events, products, location, staff, etc.
Documents- display menus, news, coupons.
Blogger- update users on events, discounts, trends, etc.

Tapeze lets you tap the power of Google and the usability of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to share information from your organization. It’s a great new way to keep your community informed!

(We aren’t associated with Google, we just like storing stuff there.)

iPad and iPhone

Available in iTunes App Store

Tapeze web site

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HomeFinanceMD Keep track of score for 1 - 3 players. Whether riding in the car, playing a game at home, or watching your kids play with a group of friends, this makes it easy to keep score.

Push the '+' or -' key to update the score.

Touch the name to change the player name.

Easy Score
iPhone Only

Available in iTunes App Store

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Car Play In-car entertainment for ages 6 and up.

Players compete answering questions from the following categories: Letters; Say Something; Stories, Shows, Songs; Colors; Numbers.

Choose your categories, number of rounds in the game, and time to answer.

Great sound effects as well.

Upgrade to the Pro version to receive 10 times the questions

Car Play
iPhone Only

Available in iTunes App Store

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